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Production Facility

Beva has a well-organized production unit where experienced heads and hands work in unison. The production units are managed by professionals with extensive expertise in the field. Staff undergo extensive training to hone their skills in reducing carbon foot print by optimizing the production time and machine utilization. Workers safety is our priority; we ensure safety by selecting the right material, machine and manpower.

Quality Assurance & Control

All the products developed in Beva undergo the rigorous scrutiny of our Quality Assurance team thus ensuring robust products are developed & offered to our clients. Our expert Quality Control team makes sure the right products are delivered every time. We also work closely with our clients to ensure our solutions perform well under diverse conditions with ease.

Research & Development

Beva has a robust infrastructure, state of art Research and Development centre in which our Scientist put in their expertise, skill sets and years of experience to come up with innovations that impress. Our dedicated research labs ensure that each product or solution is developed with utmost care keeping in mind the end use and the environment. Product innovations are in line with the principles of Sustainability. Our products comply with various international certification standards (Eco Passport, GOTS, GreenScreen, Bluesign)

Application Research Laboratory

The primary purpose of the Application Research Laboratory in textile testing and analysis is to assess textile products performance and to use the test results to make predictions about Beva’s products performance. Product performance is considered in conjunction with end use; therefore, tests are performed with the ultimate end use in mind. Application research lab aid in the process of offering innovative finishing solutions, optimise chemical usage and customise recipes to meet the customers & buyers needs. Following fabric analysis can be performed in Beva’s application lab: fabric composition analysis, strength testing, water & oil repellence test, phenolic-yellowing, fabric stiffness, elasticity, flammability testing, etc.