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Redefining Chemistry ! Redefining Values

Beva Silicones Pvt Ltd develops silicone-based products for a myriad range of applications. Unique competence in the field of silicone chemistry is the basis for specializing and concentrating on silicone based finishing solutions. Beva, with its professional approach and groundbreaking technology provides novel solutions to its clients thus building strong relationships with the aid of its products.

At Beva, we believe in building strong relationships through our products and we work very closely with our customers in providing suitable solutions. Being in an industry where change is constant, our research and development team is focused on continuous development of new products to meet the latest industry trends. Our flexible business approach allows us to provide both standard as well as custom formulations to suit client requirements. Our professionally trained technical team has innumerable solutions to suit clients expectations. Our modern applications research and quality control laboratory is well equipped to support our technical service team in delivering quality products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive hard and offer you an exclusive range of top quality products that exceed your expectations. We focus on providing premium comfort and utmost satisfaction, at the same time ensuring your safety above all.

Our Vision

Beva Silicones offers value-added chemical solutions with the vision to:

  • Ensure employees safety by providing safer environmental conditions that stimulate growth.
  • Take up the responsibility of preserving and nurturing the environment in which we live.
  • Keep an eye for the requirements of each industry and offer customized solutions for each.

Striving to be leader in silicone chemistry

Our Team

Beva Silicones employs a team of professional experts who work together in unison with utmost integrity, commitment, and passion. The team consists of experienced technocrats, skilled scientists, professional experts and a workforce who works in coordination to produce results that amaze customers.

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