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Beva aims to play a major role in contributing to the global silicone based product industry with our high-end quality measures. We take maximum efforts to ensure delivery of quality silicone solutions to our clients.

We follow stringent documentation and quality control processes enabling us to meet the quality control demands of our customers. All products are tested for 100 % quality. The quality control laboratory is equipped with highly advanced analytical equipments to ensure the quality of both incoming raw materials and finished products. Our application research laboratory assists in evaluating the product to be in line with the market requirements. This process helps us in delivering products with consistent technical specifications and constant applications results.

R&D / Technology

In order to provide the benefits of silicone technology, our organic & polymer research group has taken the task of exploring polymers with new and improved property profiles for various applications. The basic aim is to establish underlying expertise for new fields of technology while simultaneously securing our business division’s current field of work.


Beva offers highest standards of service without harming the environment both directly and indirectly. The research and development team is driven by our concern for the environment while developing new products.

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