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The development of unique fabric and garment finishes comes with a host of challenges. Textile finishing demands durability during the finishing process, stability when treated with other chemicals, wash-fastness and an even and consistent application. In addition, the finishes need to be financially feasible and environmentally friendly.

Quick-changing demands in the textile industry has seen a dramatic development from conventional and traditional textiles to those that are functional and intelligent. For instance, fabrics that release fragrance, those that have the ability to self-clean, or come with ultra-violet protection are results of recent innovations in textile finishing agents.

Silicones are widely used in textile finishing due to their excellent properties that enhance the appearance of the garment. In addition to softness, silicones are used to impart crease resistance and water-repellent property to the textiles. Another common application of silicones is during wet processing to control foam generation.

Beva provides a complete range of silicone and performance-finishing solutions for your textiles

  Beva SoftTM Series
Beva SoftTM series provides vast range of classical softeners that include micro, macro and Semi-micro silicone emulsions. The cationic softeners can be used to provide an excellent smooth touch to the fabrics. Our non-ionic emulsions provide softness, tear strength Improvement while the silicone-cationic blends can be used to provide balance of stability and performance


  Beva GeloseTM Series
Beva GeloseTM range of silicone softeners are in transparent gel form and give a unique softness and bulkiness to the garments and fabrics, resulting in durability of the softness imparted. These gels are highly exhaustible. The viscosity of these softeners are optimized for better solubility of the products.Beva GeloseTM range can be used to enable crease recovery and increase shade depth and brilliancy when used on dyed garments/fabrics.


  Beva ExallosTM Series
In our continuing quest to provide the benefits of silicone technology to the textile industry, Beva has come up with a new organic functional end capped polysiloxane polymer emulsified with " PIET TECHNOLOGY " to provide stable nano emulsions.These softeners can be used for textile applications at very low dosage levels ( Between 0.2 % to 0.45 % maximum ). Beva Exallos can be used for yarns, fabrics and garment processing with immense value addition to the processor very economically to enhance the processor's competitiveness in the global market.


  Beva OptimaTM Series
Beva OptimaTM range of products high stability, and excellent performance. These products enables the lower use levels than competing products and maintains its performance through a number of home laundry cycles. Beva OptimaTM is an excellent candidate for demanding process conditions providing excellent alkaline and high temperature stability. These product also offers good hydrophilic performance, improved water absorbency and they also offers silky and full hand. With their robustness and stability under harsh processing conditions, provides a competitive distinction valued by consumers. Its outstanding emulsion stability makes this products a great material of choice for exhaust applications. It can also be applied using padding, jet flow, overflow and winch processes.


  Beva EliteTM Series
Traditional fabrics & conventional fabrics have now been replaced by fabrics with multifunctional finishes. Beva EliteTM range of specialized fabric finishes gives you the innovative edge to compete in the world market. This range includes water repellent finish, anti-microbial finish, Micro encapsulation - Aloe-vera, Vitamin E, Fragrance Finishes etc


  Beva FlakesTM Series
Fatty amido flakes of cationic and non-ionic natures to give surface bulky finish , hydrophilicity and low yellowing on the textile fabric and garments.


  Beva LubTM Series
Specially designed poly olefins for improving the strength, lubrication and evenness and softness on yarns.


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